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So, here’s a rant and a disagreement to all the people that have been saying Juliet is rude to her fans. I had face-to-face proof that that statement is false. On 4/4/13 I saw Juliet in San Antonio at the Secondhand Serenade concert. My very first concert. When I was waiting in line, you don’t know how nervous I was. Like, what do I say, what’s she gonna say, etc. When it was my turn, I stepped forward and asked “Do you recognize me?” (earlier right before the show I posted a photo of myself on my Simmspiration instagram) It took her a couple of second before she hollered “SIMMSPIRATION!” and threw her arms open and hugged me so tight. I was of course smiling like an idiot and my heart was still racing. We stood there and just talked and talked and talked, and let me say, she was literally the most SWEETEST and down to earth person I have ever met. She didn’t rush through meeting her fans and she actually took some time to stand there and talk to me. It was the best moment of my life. It was so surreal to be standing there face-to-face with my idol, and actually be talking. I can’t tell you how many times she just randomly hugged me. I was telling her about how she was my first concert and how we drove 8 hours to see her and she just looked shocked and happy honestly, and mom explained how she was my birthday present and she hugged me again and told me happy birthday, and then thanked me for being a fan and supporting her! Then we took a picture (the first one shown), and I thought we were done when she said “Wait one more!” and that’s when she kissed my cheek for a picture. That was my experience meeting her, and I’m probably leaving out a lot because I was too excited at the moment to fully take in everything she and I were saying, I could’ve been babbling for all I know. So, the point of this was to explain that she DOES care about her fans. She didn’t have to stand there and hug me multiple times and keep talking to me like she did. She could’ve just said “hey thanks for coming out”, took a picture and just went on to the next person, but she didn’t. And literally everyone who went up to meet her, she was so nice to. I already absolutely adored her, but this just made me adore her even more. When I sat down I just started crying because I was so happy that I just met the person I look up to, and how she knew who I was. Later on when I posted the picture of us on my Simmspiration instagram, she commented on it and said “You’re the best Sonni! so glad you had fun!! :)” Don’t judge an extremely sweet, genuine girl just by what you hear or see on the internet.

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    Juliet is the sweetest woman alive people are so dumb I swear.
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