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Tumblr blog dedicated to the beautiful and talented Juliet Simms! Follow the instagram and twitter @Simmspiration. If you have any drawings, fan photos, or letters, send them to simmspiration@yahoo.com with your name and username and I will post them! Juliet follows my instagram and Twitter, so there's a big chance she'll see it!

Turned the ANON option in my ask box back on.


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Show the hatred up, guys. :)

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Show the hatred up, guys. :)

In regards about a submission.

That long story of an ex hater was NOT me saying that you guys! Someone submitted it to me and I posted it.

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Can you please spread this around? julietsimmshaters(.)tumblr(.)com/post/83020284701/open-letter-to-juliet-and-her-snakeys


Very mature of that person to openly apologize!

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I know this is extremely long. But PLEASE take 10 minutes of your day to read it!

(This is a SUBMISSION post. Not written or said by me.)

Hello, everyone. This is my sincere message to all Juliet’s fans and haters out there, I really hope all Juliet’s fans share this because I think it’s very important. So, where do I start? I used to hate on Juliet on those stupid blogs, yes, I know, how mature! But I didn’t actually hate her, I actually really liked her voice and her songs, but I dissed her just for the fun of it. I was a bored teenage girl, what can I say? It was funny to see all those preteens going insane over someone they don’t even know and I wanted to be a part of it, not because it’s something to be proud of, far from it, but simply because I was bored. Exactly, boredom. The reason that leads all those teenage girls to make hate blogs about someone. Believe me, I understand if you hate someone that is actually doing bad in society, I understand if you want to create a blog and talk about them on it, that’s totally acceptable. Even if you just want to make a hate blog about a celebrity, go ahead, it’s a free country and you have the freedom to do so, it doesn’t mean you should because it just shows how immature and stupid you are, but still, it’s your life and if you want to spend your precious teenage years doing nothing but taking care of somebody else’s business, go on, you’re the one missing out on life. But something that is really bothering me is seeing people bitching about the fact that Juliet is supposedly abusing Andy, people saying that they broke up just because Andy won’t post a lot of things about their relationship anymore, people saying that when Andy defends her on Instagram it’s actually her on his account, people saying that Juliet changed him etc. It’s just so annoying and paranoid. This childish behavior was what made me despise those people. So, let me go through some points:

First: “Juliet is abusing Andy, she gave him the scar on his eye, she’s beating him”: How fucking stupid can you be? Juliet is literally like, I don’t know, 5’5? 5’6? Something like that. Andy is a fucking giraffe, he could easily manage to keep her away, to hold her hands and all of that. Also, why would he still be with her if he was being abused? Andy may be loving, but he’s not stupid. He wouldn’t be with her and he wouldn’t be hiding the fact that she abuses him. You people are getting absolutely ridiculous. Those are SERIOUS accusations and there’s no proof whatsoever. The only “evidence” I’ve seen is the Christmas video, people saying he was afraid of her. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I think Andy would be offended if he read people saying he’s afraid of his tiny girlfriend. He wasn’t holding her hands as in “don’t beat me”. She got up to go somewhere and he wanted her to read something on the screen, that’s why he held her hand. So she would read the fucking message he wanted her to read. That’s all! Plus, she wouldn’t hit him in front of a fucking camera, she’s not that stupid. You people are just trying to dig a hole in the water. You just won’t find anything there. JULIET IS NOT ABUSING ANDY! Also, I’ve seen someone say that Andy used the filter “Nashville” on the picture of his eye injury as a hint… DUDE, THIS IS FUCKING PARANOIA! You people really need a therapist, YOU NEED HELP! GO SEEK HELP! He’s not with her because she’s blackmailing him or because she’s beating/threatening him. He’s with her because he wants to be with her. He loves her and it is what it is. Whether you like/accept it or not, it’s the truth on your face. Keep inventing absurd stories and speculations about why he’s still with her. In the end of the day, he loves her and he doesn’t even know you exist. So fuck off!

Second: “They broke up! He’s not posting anything about her! Her pictures with him are photoshopped! She’s lying! They’re not together!”: Oh, really? Are you serious? This argument is stupid beyond words. You guys are trying to make their “break up” official when neither of them mentioned or did anything to insinuate a break up. They’re actually very much together. You guys just want them to break up so bad that you keep trying to find reasons and make speculations. You can wish as much as you want, and you can try to me optimistic about your delusions, but they ARE together. He’s still defending her on Instagram. Maybe he’s not posting about her as much as he did before. Big fucking deal. He’s not posting much at all. He’s probably busy as fuck, also, they’re not seeing each other as much because she’s busy making her album. That picture is very much real! The shadows were weird simply because the lighting was weird, also, the effect she put on the picture fucked it up even more. And I know this because once I took a picture with Jared Leto and people got insane over it saying I was lying and it was Photoshop because the lighting was weird, people made posts and stuff to disprove the picture, so, believe me, I know what I’m talking about. The picture is real, whether you like it or not. Also, do you really think Andy would be okay with her posting Photoshopped pictures of them? He would probably say something. He would say they’re not together anymore. He wouldn’t be okay with it! Nobody would. NOBODY! And I’ve seen people saying “oh, it’s just a picture, it doesn’t prove anything” and your delusional “proofs” prove something, right? Your paranoia and your constant attention seeking proofs a lot, huh? Yes, sure. Not hypocritical AT ALL!

Third: “Juliet hacked Andy’s Instagram and is defending herself! It’s not Andy doing it”: I just can’t. I can’t. Andy have always defended her! ALWAYS! He would always stand up for her and say that commenting shit is childish and he would say people that do that are not real fans because it goes totally against the main message of his band. And I couldn’t agree more! She’s not hacking his Instagram. You people are just portraying Andy as this innocent, defenseless little boy being attacked by an evil witch. This is not the case whatsoever! Andy is INTELLIGENT! If she was hacking his account he would just change the password, he would just block her and simply exclude her from his life. Did he do that? Well, I DON’T THINK SO! Stop trying to delude yourself saying “oh, it wasn’t Andy! Andy wouldn’t do that. It was Juliet. Juliet is evil!” NO, YOU BITCH! IT WAS ANDY! HE SAW YOUR COMMENT, HE DOESN’T LIKE YOU! IT WAS ANDREW DENNIS BIERSACK! IT WAS HIMMMMMMM! GET OVER YOURSELF.

Fourth: “Juliet changed him. He’s not being himself anymore!”: I agree, Andy is different, he’s basically a dick lately. But when they first started dating (up until a few months ago) Andy was still Andy. The caring, loving person that he always was. Juliet had nothing to do with the fact that Andy changed for the worst. Because, first of all, he’s not this little influenceable boy. He’s a grown man and he’s capable of rationalizing and thinking “oh well, maybe this woman is getting the worst out of me. Maybe I shouldn’t be with her”. The fact that Andy is different is all HIS fault, not hers. It’s like saying “I loved both apples and bananas, but now apples are tasting weird to me, I bet it’s because of the bananas. Bananas are evil!”. See how that doesn’t make any sense at all? This analogy very much applies to the current scenario. Andy is different because of himself, not because of others. His actions are decided by his consciousness and by his own self, not by Juliet. ANDY IS NOT 5 YEARS OLD FOR FUCKS SAKE! I can’t stand people portraying him as a kid. HE’S CAPABLE OF MAKING HIS OWN DECISIONS, HE’S CAPABLE OF LEAVING, HE’S CAPABLE OF THINKING! HE’S NOT CONTROLLED!

Maybe Andy is just tired of a bunch of twats trying to ruin his relationship, trying to spread rumors and talk shit about the woman he loves. And I’m ashamed to admit I was part of it. And I know people will argue “well if he loves her so much he wouldn’t be hiding her, even if there’s a bunch of people dissing her every single day” OH FUCK ME BACKWARDS! I wouldn’t submit my boyfriend to that much shit. If I had a shitty fan base full of horny hateful teenagers attacking my man I’d be pretty pissed and I wouldn’t share my relationship EITHER. So, yes, he loves her, he’s proud of her and I’m sure he’d like to share more stuff about them, but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to make her go through that. He wouldn’t want to make her see all this hate and all this bullshit. It’s not a matter of love anymore, you people are crossing the border line, accusing her of awful and unrealistic things. If I was Andy I’d feel emasculated when I read people saying that Juliet’s hitting him. Don’t blame her for your paranoia. You’re searching for horns on a bacteria’s head! She’s not doing any of those things you guys are accusing her of doing. She’s not the one to blame. And I’m so sorry she has to go through that just because she fell in love with the man with the stupidest fan base EVER! I don’t blame him for being distant from his fans. Who wouldn’t be? They’re fucking psychos. FUCKING STUPID TEENAGERS!

These people are so obsessed, they bitch about every single thing she does. If she farts next to Andy, everyone’s gonna be like “omg did you see her? She’s like, totally trying to contaminate the air Andy’s breathing so she can suffocate him, kill him and then take his place on the band”. If she breathes too close to him, they’re gonna be like “omg did you see how she was trying to take all the air around them? How can you be so blind? She’s like, totally trying to kill him!”. They complaint when Juliet wouldn’t do anything but stay at home and take selfies, now she’s working her ass off and is traveling a lot and guess what? THEY’RE BITCHING ABOUT IT TOO! Nothing’s gonna make them happy because they’re always going to find a reason to hate on her. They’re gonna search on the depths of their assholes for a delusional argument, but they’re going to say something. They just won’t leave her alone. If she’s not working, she’s the villain. If she’s working, she’s the villain. If she’s with Andy, she’s the villain. If she’s not with Andy, she’s the villain. If she takes a lot of selfies, she has nothing to do with her life. If she doesn’t take any selfies at all, she’s planning something bad. This is obsession. You won’t admit it, but it’s obsession. Those people never have a plausible argument and they can’t discuss with a Snakey. They’re always like “I don’t care” BECAUSE THEY’RE DUMB and they don’t actually have any reasons to hate on her apart from the made up stories that they hold on to so dearly! I’m so glad I woke up and I grew up. I’m so glad I’m not an idiot anymore. And I know Juliet’s not going to read this but I just want to apologize. I want to apologize for all the things I’ve said on those hate blogs just to laugh at the responses. And I’m sorry that you have to deal with a bunch of kids bitching about your every move. You’re a talented young lady and I’m glad you ignore those fuckers. They do not deserve your attention at all! Keep up with the good work, I’m sure your album’s going to be amazing.

Much love and respect from an ex-hater!

(Submitted post)

Juliet has little to no fans. Your stupid ass post that was from over a year ago has less likes/reblogs than I do followers if you were to take my follower count and divide by 2. Your pathetic as well as your blog





Juliet Simms, definitely one of my favorite people to photograph!

Juliet with her brother Tommy and a friend.

Juliet with her brother Tommy and a friend.

Another drawing by @irinabvb of @thejulietsimms and @andybvb! 👏❤️ #julietsimms #andybiersack #fanart

Another drawing by @irinabvb of @thejulietsimms and @andybvb! 👏❤️ #julietsimms #andybiersack #fanart

Amazing watercolor fanart of @thejulietsimms and @andybvb done by @irinabvb! So good! #julietsimms #andybiersack

Amazing watercolor fanart of @thejulietsimms and @andybvb done by @irinabvb! So good! #julietsimms #andybiersack